Asset-Based Lending (ABL) and Esoteric Assets

ABL and Esoteric assets come is an ever-expanding array of classifications. These can include but are not limited to;

1. Commercial real estate, 
2. Debtor’s Ledgers, 
3. Future litigation proceeds, 
4. Art, fine wine, coins, jewellery, 
5. Long-term sporting contracts, 
6. Lotto winnings, 
7. Contractual rights, 
8. Shares in boats, racehorses, 
9. Life insurance policies 
10. Technology / Software licenses

All of the above assets can be borrowed against, monetised, purchased or leased through our array of services.

Funding ABL and Esoteric Assets

If an asset has a marketable value, either now or in the future it can typically be monetised or leased through a number of ABL strategies. Kayemcee is a market leader in ABL and esoteric assets, with a strong background in structuring ways in which clients can access these assets so as to continue to fund and grow their businesses.

Litigation Finance

Both companies and individuals can become engaged in litigation. Litigation finance is a means of ensuring that your ongoing case does not affect your professional or personal life financially. Kayemcee’s litigation finance department specialises in the following types of legal finance;

1. Commercial litigation and contractual disputes,
2. Mass tort claims, 
3. Ultra-high end divorce matters, 
4. Personal injury matters, 
5. Wills and Estates, 
6. Insolvency matters

These loans / advances are typically made to the litigating party on a case-by-case basis, with finance underwriting relying on the merits of the case only. Additionally, repayments are made from the proceeds of the settlement and therefore no repayments are required until the case settles.

ABL Advisory

Along with attractive capital solutions, Kayemcee can also assist with valuation and advisory work on all ABL and esoteric assets. We can show you how to monetise these assets in a private and efficient manner, with confidentiality assured.