Direct Lending & Leasing

Kayemcee offers a range of direct lending and leasing solutions, ranging from senior debt positions in operating companies, to leasing cars, boats, planes and helicopters to high-net worth individuals.

We look beyond what larger banks can provide and are willing to invest in companies undergoing a turnaround, or some other change that the market has failed to properly value.

Senior Debt

Kayemcee’s capital comes from either on-balance sheet or external sources, depending on industry type, management, profitability and balance sheet. Unlike major banks, our senior debt positions are typically more flexible, allowing for the extraneous issues which typically impact our clients and their businesses.

Mezzanine Debt

Working with current senior debt holders, Kayemcee will arrange additional mezzanine funding usually due to a specific situation (i.e. acquisition, timing issues) or to assist in organic growth plans (purchase of equipment etc). Mezzanine funding is more flexible than senior debt, however still carried full security over the company.

Commercial / Industrial Leasing

Commercial and industrial clients utilise Kayemcee’s experience to re-finance existing assets, or to lease / rent new items. We specialise in mining equipment, industrial factories, heavy equipment (including motor vehicles) and industrial equipment.

Equipment & Software Leasing

Kayemcee has a specialist team dedicated to office equipment and software leasing. Products may include technology office fit outs, TV panels, telephone systems, print solutions, cloud storage, VOIP solutions and all software. Kayemcee is one of the only organisations to offer 100% financing on software.

Executive Leasing

So the company is doing well, and it's time to splurge. Whether it is a new car, boat, plane or helicopter – Kayemcee can assist in all aspects of valuation, leasing and structuring of this transaction. Terms range between 24 and 60 months, and balloon balances of up to 40%.