Special Situations Financing

Special Situation Financing is required in situations where current market dislocation, including illiquidity, repricing of assets, deleveraging, and regulatory changes, create compelling asset based investment opportunities.

Debt Restructures

Kayemcee specialises in interpreting your company’s needs, understanding your current debt load and what your future capital requirements are. Debt comes in many forms and can always be structured to ensure the best possible outcome for your group. Kayemcee can advise and implement debt solutions to reduce debt, increase debt for special purposes, or convert current debt to more appropriate structures.

Acquisition Finance

Acquisitions can be simple “bolt-on” purchases, or large company-changing mergers or acquisitions. In either event Kayemcee has the knowledge and experience to guide you through this process, and assist with funding your acquisition with the appropriate capital structure. Kayemcee also provides sophisticated valuation methodologies for either acquirer or target.

Debt Raising / Bridge Financing

Kayemcee offers a wide range of debt raising and bridge/ mezzanine debt solutions to its clients. Funds are sought from both on-shore and off-shore sources in order to ensure to optimum solution to our clients. All of our partners are compliant with relevant AML and KYC regulatory requirements.

Debt Advisory

In addition to capital raising services, Kayemcee also provides professional debt and capital markets advisory services to SME and large family offices. Understanding how your company will look after a debt restructure, is as important and knowing how to achieve your goal.

Litigation & Family Settlement Solutions

Kayemcee provides expert customised solutions to family businesses to assist with family settlements (often caused by divorce, or the forced split of a business) and succession planning. We provide both the legal and financial know-how to come to a clean and efficient solution to any family business related issues